Thursday, May 21, 2009

Local Election Candidate Patrick Fitzgerald highlights bad road conditions and water supply

County Limerick roads in third world conditions and poor water supply

Following my election campaign through the highways and byways of County Limerick roads on the Shannon Estuary route and the Maigueside route taking in Ballymacastle/Tervue and Newtown the residents of Clarina have almost 10 years of waiting for the road surfaces of these very much used roads to be repaired. In the 1999 local election in my campaign people had great hopes of these roads to be repaired by Limerick county council. The roads to Newtown, which has a high population, have been completely neglected. In the 2004 local election the same unsightly roads were experienced on the election campaign trial. Now in 2009 these roads have not been repaired and have completely deteriorated. This has gotten so bad that vehicles are having great difficulty in navigating the way to the residents homes. What amazes me is that we have now gone into the third local election and nothing has been done over the past 10 years to alleviate the hardship that is being experienced by residents because of these roads. There is also a serious water supply problem to the community of Newtown and this has also been overlooked over 3 election periods. The Minister for local government should be called upon to help with the problems in this area with the roads and the water supply.

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